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Until the End of Time

September 13th, 2019 is the date of release for a 45-minute read I wanted to write for some time, "Until the End of Time", which tells the story of Mia and Harper, best friends and confidants. In an uneventful evening, they meet to catch up the latest ongoing and go to a nice restaurant to unwind. Mia is a nurse at the local hospital and she had an emotional and heavy week due to a shooting happening in town. Harper just broke off his engagement, and both were sad with the latter news that Harper's cancer has returned. They planned a calm and nice evening to enliven their thoughts and emotions, but both are taken by surprise when the waiter brings the dessert. Their lives take a turn to the unexpected ever since.

The Blurb on Amazon:

"Mia finds herself fathering her youngest brother after losing their parents in a tragic accident when Harper’s parents embrace them as their own. Mia and Harper grow up together and become best friends while supporting each other’s dreams and life goals throughout their high school and college years. Years pass until the unforgettable day when Mia finds herself having the worst time at work after a deadly shooting had happened in town. At the same time, Harper’s engagement is over, and his father receives the cancer death sentence they dreaded for so long.

Getting together that night for a proper dinner to relieve their minds and catch up on the next steps to take, Harper is as surprised as Mia when, after their dinner, the waiter brings a “cursed” dessert that will alter the course of their lives forever."

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