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Love for Christmas

Love for Christmas brings two parallel stories which happen in Allentown and their small county of Lehigh, in Pennsylvania, another beautiful place. The main character is Will, a divorced father of Nathan, a cool teenager that wants his dad to be happy again. Will has a sister, Amelia, who is a role model after losing her husband on a tragic accident on Christmas Eve. Together, they will help Belle, her brother Brent, and his daughter to find what Christmas is all about again.

From the back cover:

As a middle-aged divorcé and single father, Will’s holiday plans always revolve around making a memorable Christmas for his beloved son Nate. However, this year, he hopes that the season will bring him something more – specifically, the attentions of the beautiful neighbor he knows through his son’s classmate, Belle, whose kind and gentle heart captured his own like a falling snowflake. In the small county of Lehigh, Pennsylvania, somehow the Crawfords and the Hillmans’ lives are intertwined for the season. As old wishes and old friends meet again, Belle has a mission to help heal her widower brother’s heart, while finding the match for her own. However, having been alone for the past decade and still healing from his broken marriage, Will has his doubts about approaching Belle. But as the weather grows colder and he and Belle grow closer, will he take the plunge, in hopes of a miracle?

Love for Christmas is available now for pre-order, and its release is set for October 23rd, 2019. Get yours HERE now!

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