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Life of Dreams

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

While I work on finishing up two novels, Lovers of Truth and Love & Principle, and a novella, Soul to the Sea, some days I just need a break to reorganize my thoughts and revamp my creativity, so I like to write these short love stories. Some are inspired by real life events or relationships I was part of; others from my observation of the world and the beautiful human beings in it.

Life of dreams is my third short story I'm publishing at this time. I'm a firm believer that each idea can be developed into a 80K novel, but some of these are sweet and the description of some passages and events in people's lives can give the reader the tools to imagine the rest of the story like they would like to be. So, here you have a great example of romance just like that. Maybe to be read and dreamed just before falling asleep, or awake ready to fulfill your dreams.

Life of Dreams tells the story of Samuel and Rose. Both grew up in a small town and their mothers were good friends, but somehow they never paid much attention to each other until college. Samuel was older and a medical student, while Rose was studying to become a classic ballerina. Both had dreams they wanted to pursue, many in opposite directions.

The BLURB: Samuel never thought he would meet the perfect girl in the final days of his senior year at college, but when the beautiful and sweet Rose – whom he had somehow never bumped into on campus nor the small hometown in which they have both lived in all their lives – steps up and steals his heart, he finds himself head over heels in love like he has never been before. However, after just a few months together, with their lives about to change after graduation and each possessing totally different dreams and goals for their own lives, both must make the decision that their hearts tell them is the right one. Will love triumph or will the dream to follow one’s heart pull them apart?

Life of Dreams is available on Kindle, which can be accessed through a Kindle of any type, through Kindle app for Apple and Android phones and tablets, or read at the Amazon Kindle app in a computer screen. It's release is August 27th, 2019, and you can order Life of Dreams right now HERE.


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