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These are some thoughts about the eternal dissatisfaction of men and women.

Of course, we are grateful for everything, every place we know, every soul we had crossing our paths.

Of course, we try to focus on the good things, the blessings, the lessons.

Some days life hurts despite these.

Some days we remember something we still do not have, a place we still want to go to, a person we miss.

Death is harsh, no doubt, but when we miss someone still alive, it hurts deep if, by choice, they are not in our lives anymore.

Relationships are full of miscommunication, moments of distress, and projection. We want the other person to fulfill all the empty - or emptied spaces - in our souls. We want someone who woke feelings of love in our hearts to forgive everything, be by our side every step of the way, and comprehend all we need.

If we never had anyone to do that, we should understand that probably it is because we did not know how to communicate appropriately.

The other person also has needs that we do not understand and know either if they do not communicate clearly.

The fundamental difference lies between those who never give up on the other, no matter what the problem, the communication capacity, the season, or how they knew each other, and those who put you behind them because they do not want to work to make it work.

If we are left heartbroken, and behind, it is up to us to find the pieces and forget the other. As unforgettable as the other may be, we have no choice. We still have all the other good things happening, and we must focus on those instead.

Heartbroken hurts. Heartbroken is unnecessary, but we cannot choose what the other should do.

Some people collect a handful of failed relationships, constantly faulting another person for the destruction of what could be so good. Some people gather a life filled with victories over many adversities, fighting every day to earn their everyday bread, and do not understand how some can, simply and without remorse, get up, give up, and leave without looking back. These, unfortunately, are left behind without choice, pity, or hope.

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