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Blue Hope

Olivia has spent the last ten years alone with her son, mourning the loss of her best friend and boyfriend, Vance Williams. Every year she makes the twelve-hour trip to honor him at the sight of his grave, wondering what things would be like if they would have only survived the car crash…

This year, she unexpectedly meets someone special — her boyfriend’s father. Adopting his teenage nephew when he was only twenty, George Williams is a dashing and alluring man for his age, quickly becoming close to Liv and her son. When Liv realizes that she is developing feelings for him, she knows that she has two options: surrender to her feelings, or never tell him.

After spending so many years alone, Liv doesn’t know if she knows how to love. Love is a scary thing, and even though she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into love for George, she knows that if she loses him, it will hurt even more than last time.

Blue Hope, a Christmas novella, will help you conquer your fears and jump into life and love.

Grief can bring sadness and sorrow,

but if you are alive there is always hope.

However small or hidden,

you cannot waste it in advance,

but choose to see it.



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