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Become the Mastermind in your Human Interactions

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Do you ever feel as though you struggle to make an impact in your day to day conversations?

We’ve all been there. You walk up to a group discussing a certain topic, and your presence slips into the background as you have little to add. A coworker or friend approaches you with a question, and your uneasiness causes you to stumble your way through a response. A loved one tells you a story, but your uncertain, wandering mind leaves them feeling hurt by your lack of attention.

In his famous work How To Win Friends & Influence People, communication and business guru Dale Carnegie coined some of the working world’s most famous tips and tricks for helping everyday men and women become extraordinary in their personal communication. From looking people in the eye to saying their names while conversing, there are several simple, yet effective, tricks that can take you from the shadows to the spotlight.

Are you looking to add a few new tools to your conversational toolbelt? Give these tricks a try in your next conversation or meeting:

“Say My Name, Say My Name”

Destiny’s Child said it best. One of the easiest ways to make an impact in an instant is to simply greet someone by name. As humans, one of the first words we come to recognize is our own name - and it is often linked to feelings of love and protection.

When you start a conversation by greeting someone by name, you extend a verbal “hug” that will cause them to trust you. End the conversation with a “Thanks,” and their name, and you will ensure that of all the conversations they had that day - your’s was the most impactful!

Nod Your Head

Body language is incredibly important when having a discussion. A simple nod of the head of agreement can go a long way to help others feel that you are engaged and positive in the conversation! (Don’t go “bobblehead” crazy, though!)

Get Excited!

Have you ever come home to your favorite pet and found them excitedly jumping up and down at the door, ready to greet you? Bring that same warm feeling to your next interaction by being excited to chat! Put away the eye rolls and the shoulder shrugs. Show those around you that you are someone worth chatting with - because you exude joyful happiness!

Be Genuinely Interested In Them

One of Carnegie’s golden tips from How To Win Friends is to simply be interested in other people! When someone sees that you are genuinely interested in who they are and what they are interested in, you ensure that they want to come back for more! As social and inquisitive creatures, each of us desires to be known and cared about. Take the first step and start off your next conversation by asking questions about their life, instead of your own opinions!

Walk Before You Run

Any of these tips above is a great way to begin to make a positive impact in your daily communications - whether it is with your significant other, a coworker, or your favorite barista.

Take it slow, make notes of how different tactics work, and then watch as you become the most interesting person in the room!

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