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My Gentle Friend

My second short story is ready for publication! Like I said previously, after two decades writing articles for magazines, websites and other venues all around the world, and publishing non-fiction in the field of journalism, psychology, family and life, I’m adventuring into fiction for a few years now.

I have a novel I’m writing for some time, Lovers of Truth.

Although I want to make my debut novel pristine and perfect in my eyes, being honest and loyal to my protagonists – or they will be mad at me – I have so many small stories, quick reads I want to tell. These are based on ideas while writing other works, and sometimes based in day-to-day life events.

This latest story, My Gentle Friend, it's an urban tale of flirting and romance. One of my beta readers said that “it’s a breath of fresh air to read a story where a friendship develops into a health relationship”. It’s exactly this, I believe healthy relationships can still exist, and I’m glad she as a reader captured my goal.

My Gentle Friend tells the story of Dustin and Lily. Dustin leads a quiet life with only his dog Rex for company, and that’s exactly how he prefers it.

However, a new tenant arrives. A pretty young woman with a sweet smile and a polite demeanor moves to the apartment across the hall. She piques his curiosity, but he is discouraged by her obvious disinterest in getting to know her neighbors.

Then, one night, Lily finds herself in an unexpected fix, and Dustin helps her out. Rex comes on the scene, helping them to connect and develop a gentle and trusting relationship, and Dustin discovers that his cautious neighbor is nothing like he expected. He finds himself falling deeply and irrevocably in love with her.

A quick read for dog and pet lovers, and fans of contemporary romance. Enjoy!

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