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Peace within the storm

Being humble is to be teachable and have patience. Assume you cannot know everything and that the more you know, the less you think you know. Be true to yourself.

Knowing what you really are, without any over-evaluation of who you are is to be humble. Humility is recognizing both justly and fairly your own true value. It is also learning how to appreciate with justice the true value of your neighbor. It is to recognize what someone else is worth, respect his or her dignity, honor it, and proclaim it, without ever overdoing it. Keeping one’s own serenity (Keep Calm and Carry On!!) is essential for good health! Serenity acts as an immune system against all diseases of addiction, and it is characterized by feelings of tranquility, gratitude, contentment, affection for others, and a deep inner peace. When people are serene, they feel no need to grant wishes to feel realized (actions that can then become addictions). Addiction is an attempt to find well-being in a substance or a situation. In fact, however, such a feeling of fullness can only be found within ourselves. It is an achievement that expands from the inside out. Real serenity is not visible on the face or in the eyes. No one can avoid being shaken, but to be provoked and yet remain able to dive and play with your own strength is a quality that is only shown through the eyes. When a stone is thrown into the life of such a person, perhaps a critical problem or a difficult challenge - only the surface is agitated. Nothing more.

This happens because serenity is so precisely necessary that we must seek not to exercise unrighteous dominion, whether as a leader, a parent, a boss, or in any kind of relationship we have, even in our community.

An obvious result of serenity is growth and harmonious human relationships. When we have serenity, we become more open, honest, respectful, and loving. There is no need to be defensive or have feelings of guilt, as those usually lead to erratic reactions about a situation. When we are serene, we are able to identify and assess the positive features of our fellows easily. Then when others feel insecure or behave negatively, we can respond with both tolerance and compassion by trying to be assertive. We will not feel any need to control them in order to feel good. Above all, we will see the good in others not the worst. Serenity takes us to true knowledge. Insecurity or fear prevents us from gaining knowledge. A feeling of serenity enhances our ability to listen, learn, and be creative. The quiet mind is an open channel to the perception that is fueled by curiosity and staying clear of wrong traditions, attitudes, prejudices, and past limitations. When we are calm, we feel more willing to contribute. Even work will be done with joy. We are more productive and have less fear. We become more stress free and can see positive solutions to problems more easily.

The mind and the body are inseparable. Modern medicine clearly shows the relationship between mood and the immune system, growth and development, physical attraction and organic functioning. When we are in a positive state of mind, we become less sick or are able to get well faster.

When we are serene, we more easily understand and realize the full potential of our talents and relationships. Living completely in the present – not the past or the future - we are no longer persecuted by feelings of guilt, fear, or resentment, too often the leading causes of ad-hominem attacks on others. In fact, serenity brings us many benefits. Yet if our sole purpose is only to achieve these benefits, we are putting the wagon before the horse. Serenity comes before all else. It is our responsibility to dispel the illusion that outside events can create happiness.

Serenity must come from within, and that is where we should seek it. When we redeem our 'anger' in whom we want, we never get serenity. Exercising unrighteous dominion over someone else will produce the exactly reverse of serenity. If we just train our minds and exercise our willpower to focus on self-suggestion, something else must happen to increase our tolerance, compassion, and our personal safety, feeding our self-esteem by treating others as we treat ourselves. Exercise serenity toward those who exercise their unrighteous dominion over us, for example, for that is also a way to break the chain and expose the 'unjust ruler' reflection. People under normal conditions cannot live a life of progress when exercising unrighteous dominion frequently or when they become offended because of an unjust domination of others. Self-discipline is the mother of happiness and the sibling of serenity.

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