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Making the moment eternal

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Nature Photography is undisputedly one of the most captivating, crafty and awe inspiring branch of photography. The combination of elements in this field gives it an artistic look and hence we can say that nature photography is no less than an art compromising of technique, trials, influential outputs and sophisticated finishing.

Skill is very important for any craft whether it be painting, coloring or anything else. Seldom have masterpieces been seen emerging accidently without following any specific protocol. Likewise also to produce NP classics you require some techniques and skills.

You do not only require vast knowledge of stuff being picturised but also need some technical expertise over your camera, lighting and angle strategies to obtain perfect clicks. If you follow the details of techniques of famous photographers you can achieve success in your field. However the downside is working on the same formula produces same kind of images which subsequently bores the audience so you need to adopt multiple skills in order to shine in this field.

Time also plays a serious role in nature photography. Capturing a squirrel eating cutely will definitely be a greater shot than simply capturing a still one. Unique moments logically produce exceptional images. Under this law professionalism in nature photography is extended to a vast and wide sphere where any one lucky enough to click a picture at the right moment will be declared as a good nature photographer. Hence we can come to a conclusion that time like in all spheres of life also matters in photography and being present at the right place at the right time can make you win awardable photos.

According to a critic “The more time you spend with a particular subject, or at a particular locale, the less often the truly significant images become a matter of "chance" images. If you are spending time traveling from one location to another you are not giving yourself the time to immerse yourself in your subject so that you are there when truly significant events unfold. The best volumes of work have been produced by those photographers who eat, breathe, and exist with their subjects, day to day, week to week, and month to month. Those photographers are "there" when a truly significant event occurs.”

Practically there is no formula to get things correct in nature photography like in every kind of craft you are groomed over time by the evolution process similarly in the field of nature photography gradually increasing experience can make you a pro. The powerful and fascinating wildlife that photographers capture is the output of combining ages of accumulated photography experience.

You need not to depend on just one gimmick or try to get things different than usual instead you need to focus more on your vision. Your vision strikes internally and its development may consume a little time. You need to experience more away from conventional lines and you need to pay less regard to other’s opinions. Take all your shots yourself and if by in the end some of your work fascinates you it means you have passed in your mission and your hard work have bore fruit.

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