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Content creation x Good writing

It is very important to excel the art of writing perfect articles for everyone, but especially for yourself. Whether you are a college student, freelance writer or content developer for any newspaper, news agency or website, it is essential to produce quality articles, research papers or news articles to meet the standard and stick to the matter that really make sense for the reader or examiner.

Below are some easy and basic tips that will help you write a high quality article meeting all the necessary requirements.

1. Understanding the Topic and Instructions of the Writing Assignment

Whether you are writing a research paper for academic purpose or a simple SEO copy for the web media, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of what should be the subject and content of the article. Research the theme and dig the subject in order to not miss any point. If you have any doubt, try to clarify the issue with the assignment provider or editor.

2. Research and Information Extraction

If you are required to write topics you have no experience about, start researching about the content from books, online sources, magazines and other available resources. You will get a lot of information but it is important to realize that you do not require everything. Only focus on the topic and plan a outline for the new article. Gather interesting and original ideas, making your topic different than most articles about the same subject. You can even write more articles with deepest subjects derived from the main informative one, but start with interesting information.

3. Never Plagiarize Anything

Your new article should be 100% original and freshly written from the scratch. You can use any sort of information properly quoted, rewritten, and have the font mentioned completely, preferentially with hyperlinks to the original author, but do not copy anything from any printed or online published contents. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can attract serious penalization.

4. Write an Impressive Introduction

It is very important to create an impression on the reader or examiner so that they read the entire article carefully. Give an idea about the topic in the introduction and a note of what they are going to read in the entire article. Only mention those points in the introduction that you intend to elaborate in body of the article. Make the reader curious and sure that he will have great content ahead.

5. Use Proper Sub Headings Wherever Necessary

There may be several paragraphs and sections in the article explaining different facts and presenting information. Maintain proper sequence to place the information and keep them under sub headings. The sub headings should be easy to understand and match the contents in the following paragraphs. This organizes the ideas under topics of easy visualization.

6. Give a Remarkable Title to Your Article

The article should have an interesting title that explains the subject matter of the content. The title should not be too long or too short. Try to keep it within a range of 5 to 9 words. List 10 possible ideas and revise those of more impact. Ask: Is it shareable? Is it inviting?

7. Make it concise and shareable

Four to five hundred words are plenty to explain a new idea and/or tell an epic story when the goal is content marketing. Research papers ask for thousands of words but even if you are writing a long article of more than 2000 words or so, never use unnecessary filler words or sentences simply to fill the word count. Rather add information that is really essential and makes sense in the context.

8. Sum Up Your Article in the Conclusion

Every article must have a conclusion based on the body and introduction to express your opinion or purpose of the article. Read all the paragraphs properly and write a brief summary.

9. Proofreading and Grammar

Once you have completed the writing part, check the grammar and spellings properly. Read the article several times to find the errors (if any) and make the necessary changes. If you need, seek the help of a good copy editor.

A quality informative and error-free article is interesting to the reader attracting appreciation and recognition. The above-mentioned points are some basic tips helpful for writing a good article.

Find your niche. Many times you maybe will need to accept some cents for your articles in order to put your name out there, but make sure you honor your name and embrace your own style. You are responsible for what you write, so choose to inspire.

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