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Forget me not

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

As usual, I was very much alert somehow to watch the General broadcasting of the Relief Society Meeting tonight. I love President Dieter Uchtdorf, he always is so sweet and nice when speaking to us, women, daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. I feel the love! The forget-me-not metaphor was kindly sweet and perfect for what the most of us need to hear at this time. Each of the five petals the forget-me-not has, he associate to: 1) Forget not to be patient with yourself 2) Forget not the difference of good sacrifice and foolish sacrifice 3) Forget not to be happy now 4) Forget not the WHY of the gospel of Jesus Christ 5) Forget not that the Lord loves you All those hit me right where needed. President Spencer W. Kimball once said that the "most important word of the dictionary is 'Remember'." :-) "He knows, loves and cherishes you." - Pres. Dieter Uchtdorf, September 2011. Thanks again President Uchtdorf.

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