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C. A. Ayres

C. A. Ayres is a pen name for nonfiction works. If you want to read the fiction profile, please visit Christine Ayer's page HERE.


An author whose work has been published in English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, C. A.  Ayres’ books and articles have been read by over 320 million readers around the world.

Born in Brazil to a very mixed family of English, Irish, and especially Italian and Scottish, Ayres — also known as Chris Ayres — grew up around books and was raised a writer. From the age of six, she would write out the books of her blind father, Dalmar Ayres, who dictated words to her, or translate from Braille as he had taught her to do even before she learned to read and write. Later, he gave her her first typewriter, and at the age of eight she would go on to co-author her first book with him.

Her father’s tendency towards perfection made an impression and has led Ayres to a successful career in Communications — Journalism, and Psychology.

C. A. Ayres and her dad, Dalmar Ayres,

in one of his book signing' launches through the years. 

Ayres, now living in the United States after studying and working around the world, is an advocate for family, life, and women, and is not ashamed to speak up against abuse, pornography, and abortion. She is also a columnist for several newspapers and magazines around the world.

Ayres’ rich cultural history has made the family a focal point for her life and writing work. Positivity and hard work are the essence of her identity as a woman, mother, and wife. For Ayres, her family has been a hotbed of life lessons that have inspired her to write.

​Ayres’ background in Journalism and Psychology has served her well, and her writing aims to uplift and inspire her readers through all the sometimes hard truths that accompany the overwhelming joys of family and marriage life.

Above all, her empathy has gotten her through many challenges, and she has been blessed with an infectious positivity, along with a belief that we are all sons and daughters of a loving God, and we deserve to be happy.

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