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Christine is internationally known for being published in Neurology/Psychiatry/Psychology magazines and scientific papers under C. A. Ayres, with over 1,700 articles worldwide, reaching over 400 million readers. ​


Under Christine Ayer, per publishers' and readers' requests, Chris writes inspirational fiction, women's fiction, sagas, and memoirs to help readers cope with some of the same mental health challenges she has helped many through her nonfiction work. She has specialized in PTSD and Veterans' suicide prevention, organizational and social psychology themes in many of her studies. ​Besides her passion for writing, when she has any spare time, Chris can indulge in her love of family, music, genealogy, nature, cinema, and traveling.

Chris hopes to inspire readers with her uplifting words and instill the belief that everyone deserves as many chances as possible to be happy and loved.


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